Musicroom Affiliate Programme

If you have a website, link to and start earning money.

What is the Musicroom Affiliate Programme?

The Affiliate Programme is a straightforward way for you to enhance your site and earn money in the process. By simply linking your site to ours you can earn generous commissions through the visitors who click the links on your site which enable them to buy items from We handle all of the customer service, fulfillment, shipping and tracking of sales generated from your site. You can choose from a range of linking options - display your favourite book, display search results, or simply link to the homepage - regardless of the method you choose, we pay 5% to 12% commission on every sale.

How does it work?

5% to 12% Commission on sales!
Link to Musicroom and we will give you from 5% to 12% commission rate, depending on how many sales you send to Musicroom.

Why should you join?

Becoming a affiliate means you are partnering with Europe's leading e-commerce destination for sheet music and books about music.

In addition;
Get money on an investment of… ZERO. This is a risk-free solution – if it works you make money, if it doesn't you lose nothing. Enhance your site with relevant merchandise, or build your own store.Check sales and review your link performance anytime.You get to sit back and watch us work – we manage and fulfill all orders as well as providing complete customer service.

How do I join?

The affiliate program is available via our network partner, The Affiliate Gateway (TAG). If you would like to participate in the affiliate program and you already have an affiliate account set up with TAG; simply find our program listed in the TAG program directory from within your affiliate account and apply to join in the usual way.

If you are not yet registered with The Affiliate Gateway and would like to join specifically to work with, then you may join TAG & apply for the affiliate program here. Upon completing the registration form, your application to join the program will be automatically sent to the account management team for review.

If you have any questions regarding our affiliate program and would like to speak to one of our dedicated account managers at The Affiliate Gateway prior to joining the program, then please contact