Jam With Thin Lizzy

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Éditeur: Wise Publications
Artiste: Thin Lizzy
Série: Jam With
Format: Partitions | Album Instrumental
L'un des plus grands groupes de rock des années 70 ayant eu un succès énorme. On se souviendra toujours du Don't Believe a Word et Rosalie de Thin Lizzy. Les guitares harmonisées de Scott Gorham et Brian Robertson sont devenues des marques de fabrique, même si d'autres grands noms comme Gary Moore sont apparus. Ce pack d'apprentissage est un instrument puissant qui vous aidera à étendre vos réserves de techniques et à developper vos capacités d'improvisation.
Numéro ISBN: 9780711974708
Skill Level: Intermédiaire / Avancé Explain this
Publié le: 23 juillet 1999
Nombre de pages: 72
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: AM949509

        Évaluations Musicroom

        this item came in good condition and my husband loves it
        Anonyme - (Larbert, United Kingdom)
        Have no fear -- buy this book, you will not be disappointed. This is most definitely the best Thin Lizzy music book currently available (2002). The quality will probably astound you (really). Jamie Humphrey's has written a concise, punchy intro section which has some nice background history on the group and some music theory and tuning information. The tracks are truely excellent -- they sound better than the Live and Dangerous CD (but obviously not as good as the original vinyl version). Original Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell and Brian Robertson play on some key tracks, so authenticity is assured. I also have an earlier book by a different company -- but that has no text or tab and is pretty useless. This is a great book though -- can't wait for volume 2 (hint, hint!) - I hope they do one, there are plenty of other excellent Lizzy tracks. By the way, the backing tracks are in original key of the tunes (e.g. in A or A minor) and their backing tracks match that. If you have ever tried playing along to Live and Dangerous you may have noticed that they tune down a semi-tone for live performance so the tracks on that album are a little lower (e.g. Ab and Ab minor). Jamie explains this early in the book -- so now I can understand the fingerings better and sound authentic by playing in the right key! (The original music book did not explain the flat tunings, hence the suggested chords were sometimes unusally awkward). Also check out the Brian Robertson tutorial video - wonderful.
        Anonyme - ()
        The book has great detail and the CD is very well done. 8 songs are recorded twice - once without vocal or lead guitar, once without vocals but with lead guitar. All songs are played in the key they are written (no tuning down), and the guitar parts can be listened to well enough to learn the parts. Robbo changes his 'Don't Believe a Word' solo slightly, but all other tracks are very close to the original recording ('Rosalie' follows the "Live and Dangerous" version). The CD is so well done I listen to it for pleasure frome time to time. I have other Thin Lizzy books, but this book and CD is the easiest to learn from and play against.
        Anonyme - ()
        Very very very good! For a music beginner - advanced but as true test
        Anonyme - (Ripon, United Kingdom)

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