Pure Tone: Pupitre

Éditeur: Pure Tone
Publié le: 08 décembre 2011
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: PTN101124

      Évaluations Musicroom

      I bought this last week as I just wanted a basic stand for home use. However, I will be returning it for the following reasons: 1. Mainly because my daughter cut her finger on one of the adjustment knobs - on inspection, each of the three height adjusters have sharp plastic points, it just looks like part of the manufacturing process that hasn't been filed off 2. Less seriously but still annoying, when assembled the stand leans to the right meaning that your music is wonky, not enough to slide off, just at a funny angle 3. There are no pins on the front of the stand so you can't use any music book that doesn't lie flat as there's nothing to hold it on the stand 4. It's black - which wasn't clear from the picture! I was expecting a silver/chrome-coloured one. All in all, a disappointing product - if you want a basic stand, go for the next one up.
      Anonyme - (Dover, United Kingdom)

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