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The FINGERBOARD series was created to progressively improve upon fretboard knowledge, sight-reading, and all other topics, and to be included in a study plan that corresponds to the other volumes in my catalogue of educational material.

In this 4th Volume of the FINGERBOARD series we get a deeper knowledge of MELODIC ARPEGGIOS: that’s why I named it ARPEGGIOLOGY.3, 4 and 5 note arpeggios are fundamental not only to understanding and knowing the fretboard but to improvisation in any genre of music.

For this reason you will see arpeggios to be studied with different techniques, fingerings and voicings on the fretboard: from the CAGED system and arpeggio inversions (very useful in jazz) to sweep picking arpeggios and ngerings more suitable to shredding!

There are also “Unit Recaps” that will help you find harmonic shortcuts and create examples to put into use immediately on your own!


Hours of video content ready for your television, computer, hand-held device, phone or tablet

You will get the maximum results from each lesson by watching the video with the book open in front of you!

It’s like having a personal, private lesson with me. You will find that some lessons put more importance on the video and others more on the written lesson.

In the ROM section of the DVD you will find videos ready for your portable devices, some playalong mp3s to study with (the same ones I use in the video) and the “click to speed up” function, my idea to help you successfully increase your velocity little by little.

Copy the files to your portable device, whether a new-generation phone, tablet or any other device, and bring my lessons with you!

Backing tracks are in the DVD’s ROM section, all the examples in the Video DVD
Numéro ISBN: 9788850728787
Publié le: 20 mai 2014
Nombre de pages: 40
Numéro de catalogue: ML3739

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