Igor Stravinsky - Renard (Vocal Score)

Livre | Opéra, TTBB

Éditeur: Chester Music
Compositeur: Igor Stravinsky
Format: Partitions | Oeuvre Vocale

Igor Stravinsky's Renard is a one-act opera that tells a burlesque tale of a devious fox who deceives a number of other animals. This corrected and revised edition of the Vocal Score is edited by Millan Sachania.

Renard was composed in 1916 after being commissioned by socialite Winaretta Singer. The lyrics of the work are in Russian, Russian transliteration and French. Renard is often seen by critics as a satire, either on political or religious themes, with Renard the fox and the other farmyard animals symbolising key figures of authority at the time. The premiere was staged in Paris in 1922 by the Russian ballet, to great national and international attention.
Stravinsky's brilliant work for Ensemble and Voices is now available in Vocal Score format. Pick it up today for an unusual opera-ballet with interesting historical and political undertones.
Numéro ISBN: 9781783057597
Publié le: 24 mars 2015
Nombre de pages: 68
Longueur: 17 Minutes
Langue: Français, Russe
Numéro de catalogue: CH73084

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