Kaija Saariaho: Lonh (Soprano/Electronics)

Livre | Soprano, Électroniques

Éditeur: Chester Music
Compositeur: Kaija Saariaho
Format: Partitions | Partitions
Kaija Saariaho’s Lonh, scored for Soprano Voice and Electronics, was commissioned by the Wien Modern Festival and premiered on the 20th October 1996.

The title Lonh, meaning far away or distant, is derived from the old Provençal language, in which this piece is performed. The text itself, a poem about distant love, popular among the medieval scholars and poets, is attributed to the medieval troubadour Jaufré Rudel.

Formally, the piece loosely follows the form of the poem, and is thus divided into nine sections. Some of the symmetrical and repeating aspects are found in the solo soprano part, which as such uses rather freely the elements for the original text, so that the resulting text is rather a collage based on Rudel’s song.

The necessary electronic materials can be downloaded from this page, and can be run with a Max patch that includes infinite reverberation, general reverberation, and plays pre-recorded sound files. Cues in the score must be triggered by the Soprano with a sustain pedal (or by another musician at the mixing desk). For general technical notes, see this page.
Numéro ISBN: 9781844491735
Publié le: 30 octobre 2015
Nombre de pages: 24
Longueur: 16'
Langue: Anglais, Français
Numéro de catalogue: CH61458

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