The Danish Jazz Quartet: On The Road

CD | Jazz Band

Éditeur: Storyville Records
Format: Audio / Video | Concert Enregistré

The Danish Jazz Quartet's second album On The Road... features new live music from some of Denmark’s most prominent and longest standing jazz musicians.

The six tunes featured on this record have long proven their worth as vehicles for improvisation, be it in jam-session or more organised contexts. Here, they sound as fresh as ever, played by four musicians who obviously enjoy playing—and sharing.

The four members of the Danish Jazz Quartet first met while playing on the Danish jazz circuit in the 1950s-1960s. The band consists of Søren Kristiansen (Piano), Jesper Lundgaard (Double Bass) and Alex Riel (Drums), all of whom have been visible all over the Danish jazz scene for many years, as well as frontman Leif Juul Jørgensen, who is just returning to the professional jazz scene again (and it’s about time!)

The friends began to play some gigs together in 2012 and, during an intermission, drummer Alex Riel said: “I think we should make this quartet a permanent one. The chemistry among us is just great” - and so they did. The collaboration's first record 'Just Jazz' was released in 2014 on Storyville Records.

The way the trio accompanies Jørgensen not only demonstrates their lifelong versatility, it also reflects their sincerity and love for the music. The band all carry their history with them, being thoroughly familiar with just about all aspects of jazz.

Publié le: 21 avril 2016
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: STV1014300

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