Steffen Wick: Piano Particles - Reel & Reflex (Marimba/Piano)

Livre | Marimba, Accompagnement Piano

Éditeur: Bosworth
Compositeur: Steffen Wick
Format: Partitions | Partitions
These two wonderful pieces Reel & Reflex are the result of a collaboration of the pianist and composer Steffen Wick with percussionist Jasmin Kolberg. Both pieces are part of the Piano Particles project that combines classical and contemporary musical elements. This includes the score and Marimba part.

Reel is a playful and uninhibited pieces that drives forward with a wonderfully percussive melody, watch it below:

Reflex conveys an energetic and effusive feel that requires a strong relationship between both players, watch a performance of this below:

Numéro ISBN: 9783865439130
Publié le: 27 mai 2016
Nombre de pages: 32
Langue: Allemand
Numéro de catalogue: BOE7806

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