David Breslin: Nornir

Livre | SSA, Chorale

Compositeur: David Breslin
Format: Partitions | Oeuvre Vocale

David Breslin's Nornir for three voices (SSA).
Duration: 10 minutes
Composed: 2011
Also published as part of UYMP's Songspin Songbook, ISMN M 57036 603 3.

I. Urd
II. Verdandi
III. Skuld

In Old Norse mythology, Norns are maidens who visit everyone at birth to determine the shape of their lives. The three maidens - urd, meaning ‘past’, verdandi, meaning ‘present’, and skuld, meaning ‘future’ - form a trinity of Fates. First performed by Juice Vocal Ensemble on 8th May 2003 at Heslington Church, York, as part of York Spring Festival.

Numéro ISBN: 9790570366101
Publié le: 16 mai 2016
Nombre de pages: 20
Longueur: 10 minutes
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: M570366101

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    David Breslin: Nornir
    SSA, Chorale
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