Stephane Wrembel: Getting Into Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Book/Online Audio)

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Série: Getting Into
Format: Livres | Méthode Instrumentale

This book focuses on the key elements of Django Reinhardt's style of Gypsy jazz or 'jazz Manouche'.

Author Stephane Wrembel gained his impressive knowledge of the style through years of experience jamming with French Gypsies and studying with masters of the style. Wrembel acquired his skills entirely by ear and has taught scores of musicians worldwide using the method that appears here in text and notation for the first time.

Written in English, German and French with all musical examples in standard notation and tablature, Getting Into Gypsy Jazz Guitar shares the secrets of the style in a logical step by step manner, exposing the reader to the authentic Manouche style as it continues to evolve in France and Holland.

Intermediate to advanced in difficulty, this method is designed for the guitarist who is already familiar with jazz harmony and note locations on the fretboard. Includes access to online audio.

Numéro ISBN: 9780786690442
Skill Level: Intermédiaire Explain this
Publié le: 27 août 2016
Nombre de pages: 112
Langue: Anglais, Français, Allemand
Numéro de catalogue: MLB20273M