Looking Through You: Rare & Unseen Photographs From The Beatles Book Archive (Hardback Edition)


Éditeur: Omnibus Press
Author: Tom Adams
Format: Livres | Biographie

Looking Through You features over 300 Rare And Unseen Photographs taken from the archives of The Beatles Book, a monthly magazine devoted to the Fab Four. A unique publication, the stunning images captured by photographer Leslie Bryce are collected in this wonderful hardback edition.

When publisher Sean O'Mahony launched 'The Beatles Book', he negotiated unprecedented access to the band at their performances, backstage, in the recording studio and at home. Boasting news of the band, articles and exclusive photography, the contents of The Beatles Book were devoured by fans, increasing its circulation from an initial 80,000 copies to a readership in the millions at its peak. Thousands of photographs were taken, but only a fraction of these were ever used, and even then they were often retouched or altered.

In Looking Through You, over 300 of the most beautiful photographs from the magazine's precious archive are presented, many unpublished or unseen in their original form from the original negatives, as well as the story behind the success of the regular Beatle bulletin.
Featuring a foreword from Jo Adams (daughter of Sean O'Mahony), an insightful introduction by Andy Neill and some fascinating information to accompany the photographs, Looking Through You is an important visual record of a musical phenomenon.
This unique and original photographic record preserves many important moments within the Beatles’ career, providing a historically important glimpse into the world’s greatest ever entertainment phenomenon.
Numéro ISBN: 9781785580062
Publié le: 23 août 2016
Nombre de pages: 208
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: OP56518