Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy

Audio Digitale et Livre | Batterie

Éditeur: Hudson Music
Author: Stanton Moore
Série: DVD
Format: Livres | Méthode Instrumentale

In this book/video/audio package, Stanton Moore presents transcriptions and performances of some of the most important Drum grooves in history, breaks them down to their basic elements, describes the way they developed, and shows you how to learn from the past and develop your own complete vocabulary for creating new funk grooves and patterns.

There is a unique download code provided in this book for streaming or downloading every musical example, recorded by Stanton, showing how each is played. The entire Groove Alchemy DVD is also included online, for streaming and downloading. This package contains over 600 audio examples as well as 3 hours of video examples all online for you to stream or download.

Numéro ISBN: 9781495088254
Skill Level: Débutant Explain this
Publié le: 06 avril 2017
Nombre de pages: 152
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: HL00217070

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        Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy
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