Rudolf Mauz: Die fröhliche Klarinette

CD et Livre | Clarinette, Piano

Éditeur: Schott Music
Format: Partitions | Songbook Mixte

In the new tune book of the popular clarinet method Die fröhliche Klarinette, Rudolf Mauz presents a pleasant selection of intermediate concert literature for clarinet. To distinguish it from the tune books of the series, Rudolf Mauz deliberately chose a more demanding piano accompaniment. As a consequence, the pieces are perfect for concerts, examinations and competitions, but also for making music in one's spare time. This volume of concert pieces contains a varied mixture of works from the Classical, Romantic and Modern eras as well as from gospel, klezmer, jazz, rock and Latin music.

Numéro ISBN: 9783795709969
Publié le: 25 mai 2017
Numéro de catalogue: ED22546

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    Rudolf Mauz: Die fröhliche Klarinette
    Clarinette, Piano
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