Diego Ortiz: Recercada 1 & 2 for Alto Recorder and Keyboard

Livre | Alto (Treble) Recorder

Éditeur: Schott Music
Compositeur: Diego Ortiz
Format: Partitions | Partitions

The viol player Diego Ortiz, who was musical director at the court of the Spanish viceroy in Naples in the mid-16th century, wrote a textbook which became authoritative for the art of improvisation during the Renaissance. This textbook contains pieces with written improvisations in the tradition of the Renaissance period. Although the writing of improvisations was a contradiction in terms even then, Ortiz' pieces are excellent textbooks for the study of the structures and rules of this art.

The edition contains information, preparatory exercises and suggestions of the course 'Didaktik Blockflöte' of the University 'Mozarteum' in Salzburg under the direction of Maria Dorner-Hofmann.

This edition is part of the new Schott Student Edition series which offers varied literature at five different levels of difficulty, from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult), for instrumental lessons.

Level: 3

Numéro ISBN: 9790001162548
Publié le: 25 mai 2017
Numéro de catalogue: SE1020

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