Profokiev: Cello Sonata

Livre | Violoncelle

Éditeur: Sikorski
Compositeur: Sergei Prokofiev
Format: Partitions | Partitions

Prokofiev is certainly not one of those composers who quickly lay aside what they had begun, leaving a large number of fragments alongside their major established works. This is precisely the case, however, with the Cello Sonata. Even the first movement of the work, an Andante in a wonderfully warm timbre and with splendid melodic lines, remained unfinished. Prokofiev completed this movement, cast in a classical sonata form, up to half-way through the development and left behind sketches for its continued course of events. Vladimir Blok took up these sketches and ultimately completed the first movement, which is now available with this Edition. The cellist Natalia Gutman gave the world premiere of the work in Moscow on 29 February 1972.

Numéro ISBN: 9790003040561
Publié le: 25 mai 2017
Numéro de catalogue: BH8002143

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        Profokiev: Cello Sonata
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