The Wines And Wineries Of Oregon's Willamette Valley


Éditeur: Omnibus Press
Format: Livres | Biographie

Following the success of their books Celebrity Vineyards (2013) and California Celebrity Vineyards (2016), authors Nick Wise and Linda Sunshine have turned their attention to Oregon s Willamette Valley to reveal the fascinating tale of how this region went from farming nuts and Christmas trees to the ever elusive Pinot Noir grape, and evolved into a billion-dollar wine empire in less than 50 years. Today Oregon is recognized as one of the world’s premier producers of Pinot Noir wines and Chardonnay is thought to be next. During their travels, the authors visited more than 20 outstanding wineries, where they interviewed the winemakers and experienced phenomenal private barrel and bottle tastings.

This book is the perfect cocktail for anyone passionate about wine, especially Pinot Noir, and interested in discovering the many wineries and stories of the Willamette Valley.


Numéro ISBN: 9781785585777
Publié le: 19 juin 2017
Numéro de catalogue: OP57332