Ooffy Socks And Other Unusual Hymns For Children

CD et Livre | Voix Unison

Éditeur: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Author: John Campbell
Format: Partitions | Oeuvre Vocale

John Campbell has written a brand-new collection of 80 innovative songs for children and young people, set to well-known and attractive, easily accessible tunes. 

He has chosen children-friendly, often lively tunes, lowered to make them easily singable, so that the hymns can be sung immediately, with the focus on the words, not concentrating on learning a new tune. Many of these songs contain word play or even newly-invented words. There are a few tunes not usually found in a hymn book and these have all been recorded with their full lyrics on the accompanying CD. 

John Campbell isn’t afraid to tackle big, difficult issues but it’s certainly not all serious. The Bible is woven into almost all the songs, in ways that connect with life for young people today. Here is a collection that is sure to challenge, encourage, engage and intrigue. 

Numéro ISBN: 9781848678767
Publié le: 16 août 2017
Numéro de catalogue: MAY1450464

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