Joel Rothman: Close Encounters Of The 4th Kind

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Compositeur: Joel Rothman

The title of this book has been used to grab your attention and arouse your interest. "The Fourth Kind" part of the title tenuously relates to the main aim, which is to develop the ability to play four-bar solos, as indicated in the subtitle. When playing jazz, drummers are often called upon and, indeed, expected to "trade fours" with the other members of the band. This study presents an extensive array of four-bar solos that can be used during actual performance. However, the idea is not to simply copy and play the notated solos, but rather to have your own creative juices awakened and stimulated so that you develop a very personal approach to improvising four-bar solos when "trading fours". IMPORTANT: Although not notated, in order to keep this study as realistic and practical as possible, it is important that you play four bars of an ad-lib jazz cymbal beat between each written four-bar solo.

Numéro ISBN: 9781617271908
Publié le: 22 juin 2017
Langue: Français
Numéro de catalogue: JRP118

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