Roland: RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Trigger Module

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Éditeur: Roland

If your gigs demand more than your acoustic Drums can deliver, the RT-MicS is the gateway to an inspiring new world of hybrid sounds. And if you’re daunted by the prospect of a hybrid setup, rest assured that it’s simple to incorporate this compact module into your acoustic kit—with no extra gear—transform your Snare and Tom into versatile digital pads. The RT-MicS has eight preloaded sounds—from hand-clap to Snare variation—that you’ll be using confidently within minutes. But for ambitious drummers, that’s just the start: you could import sampled sounds from a computer via USB, use the onboard mic to capture and process the acoustic snare/tom sound, or even mix acoustic and digital sounds for a bold signature tone. Whatever your ideas, the RT-MicS is the fastest way to explore the exciting possibilities of hybrid drums.

  • Combination of trigger and microphone including Drum module
  • 8 Preset sounds
  • Via USB to your own samples expandable
  • Noise intensity of microphone and trigger signal separately controllable
  • Knurled screw for changing the sensitivity of the trigger
  • 1x 6.3mm Mono jack microphone output
  • 1x 6.3mm Mono jack E-Sound Output (microphone output on request)
Publié le: 15 mai 2018
Numéro de catalogue: RTMICS

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