Samson: Z25 Studio Headphones

Éditeur: Samson

The Z25 Studio Headphones from Samson feature soft protein-leather ear cushions in a closed-back design and delivers the right amount of bass extension for hours of fatigue-free listening. They can be used by musicians or music lovers alike who don't want to sacrifice sonic quality for style and comfort for music playback, desktop recordings, and live sound-mixing applications.

Featuring 40mm drivers and an adjustable cushioned headband, the Z25s combine dynamic clarity with an extended low-end bass response, which is not overly hyped and produces a natural sound. For added portability and convenience, the Z25s feature a 90° rotating ear cup that allows the headphones to sit completely flat during transport.

  • Ideal for tracking and music monitoring
  • Tuned with exceptional low-end extension
  • Lightweight, low-profile design with protein-leather cushioning
  • Closed-back design with 90° rotating ear cups
  • High-sensitivity 40mm drivers with rare earth magnets
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
Publié le: 18 mai 2018
Numéro de catalogue: SAZ25

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