Derek Bourgeois: Clarinet Quintet Op.147 "Silver Wedding"

Livre | Clarinette, Quatuor À Cordes

Compositeur: Derek Bourgeois
Format: Partitions | Partitions et Parties

The work was commissioned by Andrew Winckler to be played at his Silver Wedding anniversary as a surprise present for his wife Marie. The only instructions were that the work should be easy on the ear and suitable for the occasion. ~ The first movement is an extended sonata form. After a brief rhythmic introduction the first subject, which is heard on the clarinet, is a lively melody in C major. The second subject is an extended lyrical melody in the dominant key. The exposition is repeated and the development makes use of both subjects before the return of the recapitulation. ~ The second movement is mellow and reflective and is basically a set of variations in A minor. There is a virtuosic violin cadenza towards the end which leads to a final calm statement of the main theme in the major. ~ The last movement is a light hearted rhythmic extravaganza, again in C major, cast in sonata rondo form. The principal theme is basically in 7/8, but is occasionally punctuated by bars of even greater complexity. The second subject is much more robust and first appears in the key of F minor. The central episode is a fugue on the principal theme. At the very end of the work the theme is launched as a whirlwind presto, briefly interrupted by loud and solemn chords before the final headlong rush.

Numéro ISBN: 9790570278428
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Publié le: 20 juin 2018
Numéro de catalogue: BRA3703

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      Derek Bourgeois: Clarinet Quintet Op.147 "Silver Wedding"
      Clarinette, Quatuor À Cordes
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