Mel Bay: Complete Method For Classic Guitar (Book/Online Audio)

Audio Digitale et Livre | Guitare

Author: Mel Bay
Série: Complete
Format: Livres | Méthode Instrumentale

Mel Bay's own method for the Classic Guitar, featuring a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of music and reading Guitar notation, plus graded studies and pieces. This book presents Classic Guitar technique in a manner that anyone can easily follow. Musical and technical concepts are introduced gradually as needed throughout the text and driven home with ample musical illustrations.

Information is provided on: basic right and left-hand techniques, reading standard notation, harmonics, and playing in various keys and positions. In addition to the many classical etudes included here by Aguado, Bach, Carcassi, Carulli, Diabelli, Giuliani, Sor, and others, Mel Bay has made a significant contribution to the student Guitar repertoire by transcribing works by Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Mozart, Pleyel, Rubenstein, and others in the classical style. The pieces and exercises are arranged to progress systematically through various keys and playing positions. Written entirely in standard notation only. Includes access to online audio.

Numéro ISBN: 9780786698325
Publié le: 08 mai 2018
Nombre de pages: 144
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: MLB93400M