Natalia Flament: Dansons L'Opéra Vol.2

Livre | Piano

Format: Partitions | Album Instrumental

Voice, melody, movement... These three words were my inspiration for this project - bringing them together! In this volume, I show my personal version of opera arias: while maintaining my own interpretation, I have adapted them to the usual exercises (in most cases, even numbers of 8 measure phrases). The piano pieces are presented in an order corresponding to the structure of most standard dance classes. Preceded by a stylised introduction, these excerpts can help students recall a melody's emotional content and express it though dance movements. Observing how sung lyrics influence the expressivity of movement, seeing the emotion that a piece's tonality and dynamics bring to pupils' faces –is the most beautiful reward of this beautiful project!

Numéro ISBN: 9790230993814
Publié le: 18 octobre 2018
Nombre de pages: 27
Langue: Français
Numéro de catalogue: HX29381

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