AirTurn: Digit 200 Bluetooth Remote

Éditeur: AirTurn

Attach any momentary switch to set up the perfect control system for your application. 

In addition to being a handheld remote, the AirTurn DIGIT 200 can be controlled by a wide variety of pedals and momentary switches for hands-free control. Use your rugged Boss FS-5U, FS-6, FS-7, or the Airturn silent ATFS-2. Up to four pedals can be connected to the AirTurn DIGIT 200's stereo ports using optional splitter cables. 

If you have your own FS-5U, FS-6 or FS-7 pedals, purchase AirTurn's custom-made cables, or download instructions to make your own patch cable for using the AirTurn DIGIT 200. Just about any momentary normally open (NO) switch will work with the DIGIT 200.

Use AirTurn bite and tongue switches for hands- and foot-free control.


  • Works with almost any Bluetooth 4 equipped tablet or computer to send keyboard, AirDirect (GATT) and MIDI commands.
  • Assign your keyboard and MIDI commands with the AirTurn Manager (iOS, Mac, Android)
  • 150 hour rechargeable battery good for 2000 charges
  • Quiet keypad for handheld control
  • 2 status LEDs to indicate battery level and Bluetooth connection.
  • 2 jacks supporting up to 4 inputs from external momentary switches

Package Includes:

  • 2 adapter cables (3.5mm (?”) to 6.3mm (¼”) jacks)
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 year warranty including battery

Product Dimensions:

  • Weight: 0.60 lbs (272 gms)
  • Shipping dimensions: 3x2x4 inches (7.62 cm x 5.08 cm x 10.16 cm)
Publié le: 14 janvier 2019
Numéro de catalogue: ATDIGIT200

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