Best Of Metallica

Livre | Piano, Chant et Guitare (Boîtes d'Accord)

Éditeur: Music Sales
Artiste: Metallica
Format: Partitions | Songbook Mixte
12 des plus grands tubes de Metallica, arrangés pour voix et piano. Inclus "Seek And Destroy", "One", "Enter Sandman" et "Until It Sleeps".
Numéro ISBN: 9781575600406
Nombre de pages: 88
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: AM944405

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        I knew it would be risky when I bought this book as Metallica just aren't a piano band. But I love Metallica so I just wanted to try for myself. Basically most of the songs in this book sound terrible on the piano, with the exception of 'Nothing Else Matters' and 'The Unforgiven'. The slower songs work better, but in truth if you want to play Metallica songs, learn the guitar!
        Anonyme - (Sunderland, United Kingdom)
        This book contains a lot of difficult(ish) to play music with lots of bits missing. Not a single solo is included and the heavy songs do not work well. The slower songs like mama said and fade to black work perfectly fine but it doesn't sound right on the piano. The start of welcome home sanitarium is missing too, sandman's first riff does not build up into glorius power chords like it does in the sound, but builds up and then has exactly the same single note riff. The reason this gets three stars is this: around half of the song's guitar boxes means that if your an acoustic player then you can strum some chords and sing along to these songs. If you are, however, a serious guitar player then buy an official guitar book. Mama Said again and The Thing That Should Not Be work very well like this as well as Fade To Black. Except for mama said these are not how they are played on the official tracks but they make a nice sound and razzing them up should be no problem to the experienced guitar player.
        Jay Franklin - (England)
        Exactement ce que je cherchais, vu la difficulté de trouver des partoches de ce style pour claviers.....
        Anonyme - (St-Vincent-de-Lamontjoie, France)

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        Piano, Chant et Guitare (Boîtes d'Accord)
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