Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory TAB

Livre | Tablature Guitare (Symboles d'Accords)

Éditeur: Music Sales
Artiste: Oasis
Format: Partitions | Songbook Mixte
Arrangements en tablature de guitare complets et notation standard de toutes les chansons de l'album.
Numéro ISBN: 9780711954656
Skill Level: Intermédiaire Explain this
Nombre de pages: 96
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: AM934802

        Évaluations Musicroom

        Legendary Band, legendary songs. No need to say anymore.
        James Gabrielides - (Manchester)
        This book is excellent apart from one minor point. There seems to be an extra bar in Morning Glory that shouldn't be there! This caused many drum sticks to be thrown in my direction and threats of violence before we realised why I wasn't playing in time with the rest of the band! Apart from this the book is excellent very clear to read and great for beginers as well as more advanced players.
        Paul B - ()
        First of all it must be said that the book is a must buy just only because of the great Oasis album. Speaking strictly of the book itself I have to say that it is not one of the best that I've ever seen: the chord boxes are completely missing and, incredible but true, the rhythm of the first two bars of Wonderwall is wrong (just listen to the song and you'll easily recognise that in the book the pause between F#m7 and A is set in the wrong position); furthermore the up-downstrokes don't match the tab part. Other than that the book is a good reproduction of the album, but because of those mistakes in my opinion it deserves only 3 stars.
        Anonyme - (Bolzano, Italy)
        Love em or loathe em Oasis did do some great stuff and this book sums up their best. Whilst rated "intermediate" as long as you are past the absolute beginner stage and can fret a few chords you will find this fairly straight forward. A must for anyone's collection. Buy it now you won't be disappointed.
        Phil - (Witham, United Kingdom)
        Chords and Solos are alright, but the songs are arranged for one guitar only and it is sometimes done in a weird way. Furthermore the rhythm in 'Wonderwall' is definitely wrong so I could use this book only as an inspiration.
        Kasper - (Vienna)

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        Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory TAB
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