Stylo Bille Et Crayon: Portée Musicale

Éditeur: Elkin Music
Un stylo bille bleu et un Crayon-mine au motif cle de sol et notes de musique dans le même stylo. Plus besoin de taille-crayons! Dès qu'une mine est usée, rien de plus à faire que la changer avec les mines de rechange prévues dans le corps du stylo. Mettez de la musique sur vos bureaux!
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: AIMG13003MR

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      duo sympa joli presentation
      la mine du crayon est trop dur et le stylo n écrit pas
      Achat confirmé le 22 octobre 2014
      Publié le: 10 novembre 2014

      Évaluations Musicroom

      Nice little gift to put with Birthday gift- can use pencil for writing lyrics etc
      Anonyme - (Wrexham, United Kingdom)
      can be used as a reward for a student, great for music theory useful novelty item!
      Anonyme - (United Kingdom)
      Lovely little set - excellent for little gifts for pupils. Good value.
      Anonyme - (Blackburn, United Kingdom)
      Great item. I always need a pen and a pencil when I am teaching and this way I have both! And bigger so makes it more difficult to lose!
      Anonyme - (Huntingdon, United Kingdom)
      Lovely clean pen and pencil. Ideal as a present, reward or stocking filler.
      Anonyme - (Swindon, United Kingdom)
      The only problem I had was that giving them to a class of children, it does not show in the catalogue the ends are different colours. There were mostly green ends in my order, with only a few red and blue. When you are giving them out to a class, it would be better if they were sent out in more even numbers of colours. They make a good prize or gift.
      Anonyme - (CARR-BRIDGE, United Kingdom)
      Excellent value.Children love these.
      Anonyme - (Sherborne, United Kingdom)
      Great gift for anyone as looks good and lasts for a long time
      Anonyme - (Solihull, United Kingdom)
      Simple and practical. Our six year old loves hers and uses it every day.
      Anonyme - (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
      Quite neat and the pen and pencil work reliably well
      Anonyme - (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
      Yes, a nice gift, well presented.
      Anonyme - (Stockport, United Kingdom)
      This pen, pencil and rubber combination was well recieved by my 3 children who have used them daily since they got them.
      Anonyme - (Hastings, United Kingdom)
      These made a lovely and well-received parting gift for children leaving our school choir on their move to secondary school.
      Anonyme - (Reading, United Kingdom)
      Very handy that both pen and pencil come together attached and pencil is very sharp, so perfect for writing music. However pen is blue and I prefer to write in black and the music notes on the pen and pencil rubs off easily once used it only a couple of times so ends up being just a clear white pen and pencil. Nice idea for a little stocking filler though.
      Anonyme - (Eastbourne, United Kingdom)
      Makes an excellent gift for Christmas or a birthday for students.
      Anonyme - (Winchester, United Kingdom)
      nice set thanks
      Anonyme - (Berwick-upon-Tweed, United Kingdom)
      Ideal little stocking filler ! Nice pen and pencil set with rubber.
      Anonyme - (Orpington, United Kingdom)
      When you're married to a choral MD the right nick-nacks are important! This is just perfect - 5* and Brownie points!
      Anonyme - (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom)
      A bit of fun pen and pencil set with errasor will hold music sheets together too. For the price a nice little stocking filler or simply a well done gift.
      Anonyme - (Nr Wolverhampton, United Kingdom)
      Just ridiculously simple and useful: a ball point pen, a "pop-a-point" style pencil,a rubber, and all can clip onto a board or paper: what more can one ask for?!
      Anonyme - (France)