Dycem: Black Hole Floor Protector

| Violoncelle

Éditeur: Dycem
Ce patin de protection noir avec trou afin d'éviter que l'instrument ne glisse ou qu'il n'abîme le sol pendant que vous jouez. Grâce à ce patin votre instrument restera en place, même sur le marbre ou le parquet. Facile à utiliser et à transporter.
Publié le: 30 mai 2000
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: 2989

        Évaluations Musicroom

        Very pleased with this product, I have personally used it for a few years myself and bought this one as a present for my daughter to stop her from stealing mine.
        Anonyme - (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
        Every "cello Mum" needs to carry one in her handbag! Great protection and stops unfortunate slips.
        Anonyme - (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
        Have tried many kinds of devices to stop my cello slipping and sliding. This one is without a doubt the best. Of course belts and planks of wood are also effective but this one is far easier to put in your pocket!
        Anonyme - (Tønsberg, Norway)
        This works better than my home-made version though the cello can slip out occasionally.
        Anonyme - (Haverfordwest, United Kingdom)
        Excellent little trick. Just wish my daughter had asked me about this before she performed in a concert on a polished wooden floor. We ordered one that night when we got home and it really does stop the cello slipping. She uses it with excellent effect on a laminate floor and it really helps.
        Anonyme - (Rugby, United Kingdom)
        Does the job really well. Easy to keep in cello case. Only problem is that because it's so small it could be easily lost of left behind.
        Anonyme - (Exeter, United Kingdom)

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