Kato Havas: A New Approach To Violin Playing (English Edition)

Livre | Violon

Éditeur: Bosworth
Author: Kato Havas
Format: Livres | Méthode Instrumentale
Écrit par l'ancien enfant prodige, ce livre est un outil d'étude incontournable, tant pour les enfants que les professeurs.
Numéro ISBN: 9780711992030
Publié le: 14 avril 1998
Nombre de pages: 80
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: BOE004558

          Évaluations Musicroom

          Despite the fact that as a late starter on the cello with a good numbers of lessons from good teachers I find this book greatly inspiring. Encouraged by Kato Havas´s writing I have set up a new practicing regime, following her advice as to how to practice. She answers many questions of the keen pupil such as "how can I learn to sight-read?" or "how do I overcome my insecurity or fear of performing?" and she does it not theoretically but gives meaningful suggestions, the kind of suggestions you miss in most study books.
          Anonyme - (Pontefract, United Kingdom)