Acoustic Blues Guitar (Book/CD)

CD et Livre | Tablature Guitare (Symboles d'Accords)

Éditeur: Hal Leonard
Author: Kenny Sultan
Format: Partitions | Album Instrumental
Kenny Sultan. Centerstream Publications. Cet ouvrage consacré aux musiciens de niveau intermédiaire est la suite du premier livre de Kenny Sultan 'Introduction to Acoustic Blues'. Il aborde le blues en cinq clés et positions différentes, incorpore le maniement d'accords ouvert et standard. Toutes les chansons sont créées pour doigté primaire avec une basse monotone. Le CD d'accompagnement caractérise les interprétations de chaque exemple de chanson. La plupart des chansons sont executées à vitesse lente et sur un tempo régulier pour faciliter l'apprentissage. De plus, presque toutes les mélodies ont une mise au point detailléee sur la musique et comment la jouer au mieux. Soixante sept minutes d'accompagnement audio. Destiné aux musiciens d'un niveau intermédiaire.
Numéro ISBN: 9780931759734
Skill Level: Intermédiaire Explain this
Nombre de pages: 56
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: HLE00000157

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        This is an excellent book. The tunes are well thought out increasing in difficulty but certainly not too difficult for the advanced beginner/intermediate student. There is an emphasis on minimum theory and maximum enjoyment and the thing I really love about this book is that even from the first page they make you sound good, which is a credit to Kenny Sultan's teaching method. I consider this book to be on a par with the excellent series from Stefan Grossman and is well worth the money. I will certainly be buying more from this author.
        Anonyme - (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)
        Very good for learning blues tunes. I transferred the tracks to my MP3 player so I could listen to them at any time. Great to have tabs as well as the music.
        Anonyme - (Horley, United Kingdom)
        This book is great :0) The songs are played first slow and then at normal pace which means you get chance to make sure you are picking up every note the songs r interesting and though the cd versions sometimes differ from the written tabs its only minor changes and he tends to point them out- if not it's a great way to make sure you really listen to what he's doing. I ove Kenny Sultan he's fab!!
        Anonyme - ()
        Kenny has done a very fine job. He explains things very well and the slow versions really help you to get it on faster. Pick it up and you'll have great fun with his fingerpicking blues.
        Anonyme - (Mazzarrà S. Andrea, Italy)
        This is a fine book. Kenny goes slow so you can easily pick up what he's doing. A great way to start playing some blues fingerpickin' tunes.
        Anonyme - (Italy)

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