Morten Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium (SATB)

Livre | SATB

Éditeur: Faber Music
Compositeur: Morten Lauridsen
Format: Partitions | Oeuvre Vocale
Au fil des siècles, de nombreux compositeurs ont été inspirés par le beauté de O Magnum Mysterium, l'histoire de la naissance d'un roi qui régna parmi les animaux et les bergers. Morten Lauridsen est l'un des compositeurs les plus populaires des États-Unis et l'un des plus repris dans les chorales. Cet arrangement pour chœur SATB divisi sans accompagnement offre une composition hautement spirituelle et pleine d'émotions. Cette version est considérée comme "relativement facile" pour être chantée dans la plupart des chorales. La partition inclut un accompagnement piano que vous pouvez utiliser lors des répétitions.
Numéro ISBN: 9780571521289
Skill Level: Intermédiaire Explain this
Publié le: 20 juin 2002
Langue: Anglais, Latin
Numéro de catalogue: 0571521282

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        Cette partition est magnifique, mais nécessite tous les pupitres doublés. Comme il était indiqué SATB, j'ai cru à une adaptation simplifiée pouvant convenir à une formation chorale légère. En fait, il s'agit bien de la version originale SATB (divisi) ou SSAATTBB
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        Évaluations Musicroom

        This piece is a must in a Christmas programme. It has instant appeal to all. It moves the listener and the those performing it alike and is a wonderful indulgence. Beware though, it is more difficult to perform well than at first it appears and keeping the tuning throughout can be a bit tricky. I have heard professional recordings that go off pitch!
        Anonyme - (Wells, United Kingdom)
        Excellent delivery servise. Yet to sing the music.
        Anonyme - (Ware, United Kingdom)
        I am looking forward to learning this piece with the METronomes, which is the student/staff choir at Leeds Metropolitan University. We had the great fortune to be able to listen to the Phoenix Concert Band playing this at our recent concert and it would be lovely to sing it with them. From looking at the music I would say that it would suit choristers who are comfortable with this style of liturgy, but that should not deter others from trying it.
        Anonyme - (Ilkley, United Kingdom)
        This edition is well set out with a helpful rehearsal accompaniment and clear notation. The piece is much harder to perform than it looks on the sheet music though...
        Anonyme - (London, United Kingdom)
        This is classic Lauridsen. Unfortunately this means it sounds exactly the same as nearly every other piece of Lauridsen I've sung (you know, /that/ phrase in the tenor line...). However, it is very atmospheric, audiences love it, and it's not very difficult.
        Anonyme - (Sandhurst, United Kingdom)
        Beautiful piece of music performed by our choir. Excellent service, and fast delivery.
        Anonyme - (Lancashire,United Kingdom)
        This is a new piece for me and I find it very moving and spiritual.
        Anonyme - (SEAFORD, United Kingdom)
        This American anthem describes the Mystery of the Incarnation. The work, which has been performed by Kings College, Cambridge and other renowned choirs, was composed as far back as 1995, though it has only recently come to prominence. Slow moving, its continually resolving discords produce a tension and a beautiful haunting effect. And the composer has carefully inserted an unexpected slight dissonance every time the word Virgo is sung, to recall the agony suffered by Mary. Looking at the keyboard reduction and the layout for four parts, at first sight it looks relatively easy to perform, but in places the parts subdivide, meaning eight voices are required to perform it as the composer intended. Recommended
        Anonyme - (Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom)