Norah Jones: Come Away With Me (PVG)

Livre | Piano, Chant et Guitare (Boîtes d'Accord)

Éditeur: Wise Publications
Artiste: Norah Jones
Format: Partitions | Songbook Mixte
Les arrangements au Piano et Vocal des 14 morceaux de cet album de pop accoustique jazzy de la fille de Ravi Shankar. Contient les lignes vocales, les paroles et les grilles d'accord de guitare.
Numéro ISBN: 9780711996946
Skill Level: Intermédiaire / Avancé Explain this
Publié le: 06 octobre 2002
Nombre de pages: 56
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: AM975678

        Évaluations Musicroom

        Hello! You have to buy this! I am 12 and i have been playing the guitar since I was 5. I have Norah jones album "Come away with me" and its fantastic. Playing her music is a dream come true! Thank you!
        Anonyme - ()
        I purchased this collection of Norah Jones pieces simply because there are some really beautiful songs that I love listening to. My daughter isn't quite old enough, or experienced enough to play them yet...but this time next year...who knows? Thanks as always for a top notch service Musicroom. Spending way too much money with you. Love your site and service.
        Anonyme - (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
        Norah Jones is a refreshing addition to the music community. Her contributions to the textures of jazz, and beyond, will certainly be respected and embraced for years to come. Come Away With Me sparks further enjoyment with each listen. The artistry of Norah Jones will undoubtedly stand the test of time and serve as inspiration to future generations.
        Mark McKinley - (Kentucky)
        The music of Norah Jones is very sweet...this is a good starting point to get to play her songs from this album, as they are piano arrangements and not full orchestrations.
        mguerra - (Evora, Portugal)
        I agree with everyone who has written a review so far: this book is great! I have been listening to the album for months and have wanted to play this music since I first heared it. I disagree with James Simpson's statement that this book is of a 2-3 difficulty rating as I am a grade 6 player (difficulty rating: just about 4) and I am struggling with some of the pieces. But I suppose that this will come with practice and some pieces are sounding great already!
        Ceri Probert - (S. Wales)
        Excellent version of the album - exactly what I wanted!
        Anonyme - (Worcester Park, United Kingdom)
        This is a great book with some brilliant songs - the hardest thing I have had to play! My favourite is 'Don't know why', and am trying to fit the words in with the song! I am debating whether to buy 'Feels like home' as well - 'Sunrise' is a masterpiece!
        music_faerie - ()
        While with some music, it doesn't require too much effort to transcribe the score yourself, Norah Jones' beautiful rhythms, and jazzy melodies mean that to get the best of the music, you have to buy the official book. I wasn't disappointed with this. I consider myself to play the piano at around grade 4 to 5, but don't have too much difficulty playing this; much of it depends on how well you know the songs, as it's mainly the syncopated rhythms that catch you out.
        Annabelle Hughes - ()
        I absolutely loved the new Norah Jones album "Come Away With Me" so I decided that I wanted to get the sheet music book for piano. What did I get?... Outstanding results; that's what! Definately a 5* rating for such a superb book!
        Nathan Mogford - (England)
        Norah is Ravi Shaker's daughter. He is a genius and it obviously runs in the family. It is amazing that so beautiful a composition came come from someone so young. Goodness knows what she will come up with in the future. The book is excellent, accurately transcribed and not too difficult to play. I think I would give it a two or three difficulty rating. However, thank you Musicroom, it is better to under estimate your ability than over estimate and be stuck with a book you can't play. Well done!
        James Simpson - (Dublin)
        Génial ! Très bonnes transcriptions. Les noms des accords accompagnés des tablatures guitares permettent de très bien saisir la structure des morceaux, pour pouvoir improviser ensuite. C'est parfait !
        Anonyme - (Nantes)
        Norah Jones is absolutely fantastic and this book exhibits that fact. This book is a must have for all Norah Jones fans. It is not really that challenging and it is extremely fun to play, especially "One Flight Down" and "The Nearness of You". Just buy it!
        Kym Harver - (Monaco)
        Excellent, superb presentation of superb music.
        Anonyme - ()
        Super,ce bouquin est un pur bonheur pour les fans et les autres bien sur!!!
        Anonyme - (SAINT LEGER AUX BOIS, France)

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