Joe Bonamassa: Best Of (TAB)

Livre | Tablature Guitare, Voix

Artiste: Joe Bonamassa
Format: Partitions | Album Instrumental
Retrouvez 11 transcriptions pour guitare revues par des musiciens professionnels. Des photos et des interviews sont également fournies.
Numéro ISBN: 9781575608945
Publié le: 14 janvier 2008
Nombre de pages: 116
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: HL02500921

        Évaluations Musicroom

        Although not 'young' and fairly new to guitar playing after a 30 year absense. I found the introduction section a useful reference to Joe's early influences. The insights in to using different keys E to G removing lots of open strings and comments re different keys giving different warmth to the music is useful if you are looking to improve playing and something I'd not thought about really. Std EADGBE Tuning is where I was and struggling for sounds, but understanding 1/2 Step drops in tuning and realising I am closer to where i want to be than I thought I was, was a big step forward The Tabs for the songs included are well covered and for someone like me who is new to all this stuff, they are easy to learn. "New Day Yesterday" and "So, it's like that" are the main reasons I bought the book, but some of the new [to me] Tabs are really good. Faux Mantini and Revenge of the Ten Dollar Hat are two. My son was playing 2 or 3 of the songs very quickly and very successfully [Grade 4 level] and his understanding of notation from the Tab shows it does provide all the detail the more experienced players will want and the simplicity that I need too Overall a very useful addition to the Learning Process. and Joe Bonamassa is just awesome!
        Anonyme - (Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom)
        Some of the less well known JB songs but easy to follow TAB especially if you already know the songs.
        Anonyme - (Telford, United Kingdom)

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