Alice In Chains: Acoustic Guitar Recorded Versions

Livre | Tablature Guitare (Symboles d'Accords)

Éditeur: Hal Leonard
Artiste: Alice In Chains
Format: Partitions | Songbook Mixte
Tiré de l'album Alice In Chains Unplugged. Treize chansons dont "Nutshell", "Angry Chair", "Rooster" et "Sludge Factory".
Numéro ISBN: 9780793572403
Nombre de pages: 64
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: HLE00690178

        Évaluations Musicroom

        If you`ve not heard or seen this unplugged set shame on you it`s a must. I`m no jerry cantrell but if you stick with this song book and with a bit of practice your be playing the main riffs in no time.The tab and lyrics are accuate as you would expect but if your not used to tuning your guitar down half a step you might want to get some practice because every song is tuned down half a step. Hope this is helpful, happy practicing because it`s well worth it.
        Anonyme - (portsmouth, United Kingdom)

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        Alice In Chains: Acoustic Guitar Recorded Versions
        Tablature Guitare (Symboles d'Accords)
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