Claudio Monteverdi: L'Orfeo - Favola In Musica SV.318

Livre | Opéra

Éditeur: Novello
Compositeur: Claudio Monteverdi
Format: Partitions | Oeuvre Vocale
Opéra composé en 1607 par Claudio Monterverdi et édité ici par Denis Stevens. Cette adaptation de l'histoire d'Orphée et Eurydice a été spécialement arrangée pour grand orchestre baroque/renaissance.
Numéro ISBN: 9780853602620
Nombre de pages: 150
Langue: Anglais, Italien
Numéro de catalogue: NOV070214

        Évaluations Musicroom

        The reduction of the orchestral score of this musical diamond is magnificent. The continuo part is most accessible, and always indicates which of the nine continuo instruments are required at any given time (eg lute, harpsichord,v d gamba etc). It also serves as a fantastic "piano line" for rehearsals. The vocal lines are scored in such a way that soloists (paticularly 'orfeo') often have the choice between sustained phrases that they can either sing straight, or interpret as they wish, OR already scored florid, coloratura parts, which are very much in keeping with the melisma of the time. In my opinion, this is the best Opera ever written, and this score takes nothing away from its beauty.
        Iain - (UK)
        This is an outstanding score. I was able to read through it very easily. The translation at the bottom of each page accurately accompanies the Italian text and music - saved me a lot of time!
        PF - (Philadelphia, United States)