Sönke Herrmannsen: Spotlights Complete - 44 Drumset Solos

CD et Livre | Batterie

Éditeur: CodaMusic
Compositeur: Sönke Herrmannsen
Format: Partitions | Album Instrumental
The entire contents of the four original volumes, plus six bonus solos... that is Spotlights Complete!
  • 17 easy drumset solos - motivating and fun right from the start
  • 13 drumset solos - Rock, Pop, Latin, Funk... medium difficulty
  • 3 difficult solos with a large variety of technical challenges
  • 5 powerful double bass drum solos - for beginners to advanced players
  • 6 Brand new solos
Full of exciting grooves and creative solo patterns, the pieces work through various musical styles. Musicality is always at the forefront so these solos are perfectly suited to concert and competition environments. All pieces are practically thought out, written for 5-piece drum kit with no extras.
Numéro ISBN: 9783940161185
Publié le: 15 septembre 2009
Nombre de pages: 200
Langue: Anglais, Allemand
Numéro de catalogue: HMPCM60119