Manhasset Regal Director Music Stand

Designed with the needs of conductors in mind, this "flagship" of the MANHASSET® music stand line provides a stately and distinctive station for orchestra and band directors. This double-shafted stand has a wide and extremely stable base. The desk (32" wide by 15 1/4" high) is capable of holding the larger scores. With its built-in accessory ledge and storage pocket (behind the desk), the "Regal" provides the optimum convenience and functionality for the conductor. The height of this conductor's stand varies infinitely from 28 1/4" to 50 1/4" (lip to floor), with a maximum overall height of 63 1/4 inches.

Publié le: 18 mai 2018
Langue: Anglais
Numéro de catalogue: MAN5401

    Évaluations Musicroom

    The stand would have recd. 5 * but for the fact that it does not come with cup holders as standard (had to order separately) but the major issue is no protection on the corners to prevent instrument damage if knocked against when pupils arise from adjacent seated position particularly with classical guitar type
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